Monday, August 17, 2009

a western sojourn

Today we begin a long journey into the setting sun. We will visit many friends, see new places, and hopefully be renewed in our minds.

We are three on this trip. Luke, our token extrovert, is at university. For him, it is the utter east, his heart's desire. Yesterday Phil and I drove him to Indiana Wesleyan and started a new chapter in his life. My heart is full of thanksgiving for him and his desire to serve the LORD with all his heart.

Now, as we face the other direction, and figuratively still other directions in ministry, my heart is still full. Of praise. Alleluia.

I am so excited to see God at work in the lives of our friends--and be assured that He works in ours.

Yesterday this verse of a hymn struck me as a good balance of sober and joyful outlook:

And did not Jesus sing a psalm that night,
when utmost evil strove against the right?
Then let us sing, for whom He won the fight--

The peace of the Lord be with you.