Sunday, February 24, 2008

Preparing for the Journey

Tomorrow we fly out of Q for Maputo, the capitol, and from there we wend our indirect way to Johannesburg. Lately, we have been a few days in the actual preparation, i.e. packing.

What to take? What to leave? Perennial questions for the traveler. As much as I have traveled, I never feel confident that I have remembered what I will need or am not taking what I will wish I had left behind. For the moment, I am packed. Traveling light. OK, my suitcase weighs 10 kg (that's 22 lbs for us metrically challenged folk). In the packing process, I have been seeing that it is not what I bring that is important--or that will make or mar the trip.

It is being prepared mentally and emotionally that will give this journey its value. Kind of like life, don't you think?

I have high expectations. And we are a group of five, so there will be many more expectations than just my own. This afternoon Phil and I are hosting the provincial leadership team and spouses. We have chosen Ephesians 5:21 as the verse to concentrate on, to help them see themselves as a team or family. Seems to me that verse will be every bit as relevant to us five vagabonds heading out for Italy: "Submit to one another out of respect for Christ." or another version said: "Honor one another out of reverence for Christ."

However you look at it, Christ is the linchpin. The outcome of all those expectations depends heavily on submitting. I guess that is as good a place as any to prepare for a journey.


Phil said...

Already I miss you guys . . . my prayers go with you. Love, bud.

dlbccvck said...

What a dream come true! I'm thrilled for the three of you, and I will be traveling with you vicariously as I read you blog. God's mercies will be new every on the lookout for them.
Only 22 pounds, eh? I'll be lucky if mine is just under 50!
Well, Karen, rest assured, we will be praying for you each day. Until Roma...Jarm