Saturday, May 16, 2009

a night in Detroit

We have been lifted up by the amazing affirmation that only being in God's family brings. Our visit to Sam and Luz Jackson in Detroit was nothing short of incredible. We met three of their precious daughters: Maris, Joana, and Victoria. (Their first daughter lives not far from us in IL, believe it.)

We were literally embraced the moment we reunited and felt the love of Jesus all evening long. We were fed--we were heard. We listened to exciting stories of their church plant in Detroit. What fun it was to share our "intercultural" stories. Sam's church is tri-cultural, with everyone else welcome. Hope we can see the whole church next visit.

Am thinking about what it means to serve God. Seems there are two types of service: a special assignment or ongoing obedience. These thoughts are fundamental to what it means to discern His will.

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