Sunday, March 23, 2008

Buona Pasqua

Blessed Easter to anyone still catching the blog. Sorry my posts have been so long, but we are learning and doing quite a bit and not able to write each day. What a surprise to find our friendly Beatles-loving internet manager open this afternoon.

It is a rainy and freezing cold day to celebrate The Resurrection, but the hearts were warm in St Mark's, reputed to be one of Florence's most beautiful churches inside, and we have to agree. The bishop who celebrated last night and this morning (there were several confirmations last night, what a privilege to join in the affirmation of our faith with them) spoke both times in different ways on the absolute necessity of the Resurrection being our foundation. How wonderful to hear it spoken strongly from the pulpit, forcefully speaking out against those who would like to explain away the turning point in history.

We have short memories, we humans. We have short lives. But we have the privilege of passing on the Truth and wisdom that we have gained from others who have gone before. Many faithful footsteps lead the way for us. I am seeing them in a new light. How easy it is for any generation to find fault with the way the earlier generations did things. (This is especially common in missions.) But they are our heritage.

Well, tomorrow it would be lovely to go to Assisi, but much depends on the weather. We with African blood can only take so much cold despite the many layers we wear.

May the blessings of the Lord's resurrection startle you anew this week.

much love and thanks for your greatly needed prayers

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