Monday, March 24, 2008

last day in Firenze

It is raining cats and dogs here. Firenze is such an animal-loving city that it is entirely appropriate. We have seen so many dogs in raincoats, sweaters, and galoshes that you would agree. Africans would be amazed: clothes on dogs. Wow. We even see many ceramic cats in the shops, all clothed, of course.

The rain kept us from heading off to Assisi, but that may be just as well. (Save Assisi for another trip?) Isabel is already planning places she wants to see on her next visit to Italy that we just don't have time for this round. We are washing clothes, finding that our bags need to expand with a few of the purchases we have made. No problem, the bags weren't bulging to begin with. And we need to get organized for Venice, the city built in a lagoon with canals for streets. Gondola ride anyone?

Thoughts on leaving Firenze: I'm going to miss the huge flagstones in the streets, but not the narrowness. I'll miss the soaring buildings and just chancing upon yet another church. I have no idea if anyone has tried counting all the churches in this place, but I haven't seen a stat on it. (I could make one up!) I will miss the river Arno and the frequent bridges which make it so appealing: it is never an obstacle to cross, it is an event. Wish I could just show you Ponte Vecchio. Hopefully when we get home I can post photos a few days and let you see some of the best sights.

Wherever you go, as you get used to the twists and turns, feel that a place is familiar, an attachment begins to grow. That has definitely happened here. We have heard that Florence has pollution issues in the summer. That is believable: even at this time of year I feel it in my lungs.

Thanks for keeping track of us. You will hear from us next in Venice. Tomorrow we take the EuroStar and it will only be a few hours to arrival time.


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